Meet Jeff

“Jeff produced the insights that shaped our strategy and positioning. He coaxes direct and honest feedback from people, ensuring authenticity and accuracy. Even better, Jeff combines thoughtfulness and humor with strategic thinking.”
David Gong, Head of Marketing, PMG

Expertise in branding and marketing led to opening Swystun Communications in 2012. Prior, I was Chief Communications Officer at DDB Worldwide and Chief Marketing Officer at Interbrand. I’ve held leadership positions at Assante Wealth Management, Pollard Banknote, and Price Waterhouse.

A speaker and writer, it has been great to appear at over 60 conferences in over 20 countries. I edited The Brand Glossary, The Brand Marketers Report, Best Global Brands, Best Canadian Brands, and Best Chinese Brands. I’m quoted in Branding the Nation, Why Mexicans Don’t Drink Molson, The Copywriter’s Toolkit, and Brand from the Inside.

The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek,  Advertising Age, and Rolling Stone share my opinions. USA Today and the Toronto Star call me a branding guru. CNBC, ABC, NBC, CNN, CTV, BNN, and the CBC have had me on.

My book, Why Marketing Works, won the Publish or Perish contest and debuted at #1 in Advertising on Amazon. Released in 2023, TV Dinners Unboxed, is a pop culture and food history examining recent history through this quirky and entertaining innovation.

“Jeff is a storehouse of invaluable information. His skillful storytelling captures attention. The foundation he builds upon is pure strategy and data. Artfully strategic, delivered effortlessly and seamlessly.”
Pino Di Ioia, CEO, BeaverTails Pastry and Moozoo Creamery