Yes You

We have the skills and experience, yet working together demands fit and chemistry. That leads to a relationship, not a transaction. Our clients share certain attributes, we have them too. If you see yourself in these, we are off to a running start.

Open and Honest

To achieve real change, we must understand not only the motivations and goals of the organization, but the concerns and aims of those responsible for communications. Agencies pay lip service to collaboration and partnership. For us, it’s a prerequisite.

No one is in business to be mediocre. We appreciate those with energy and drive to be the best. By accelerating communications transformation, we build a stronger brand and ensure the people behind it, grow their influence within the organization.

Ambitious and Inspiring

Confident and Decisive

There are so many variables, directions, and decisions in business. Clients who commit and invest based on compelling rationale, outperform the competition. Confidence to act on bold recommendations make the difference. 

The best communications uncover elusive insights that clear complexity. This requires unbridled curiosity and empathy. Clients who understand that “strategy” is a multi-faceted word, know what to expect and get the best from us.

Curious and Creative

“Jeff’s energy will not be ignored. He provides clear direction on all projects, while inspiring people to think independently about what was possible. His ability to be a catalyst for others is one of his greatest traits. Indeed, he is a catalyst for individuals and organizations alike.”
Erin O'Keefe
Head of Global Brand Management, KPMG
"Jeff is a pro who knows how to add value. He's always on top of trends and has the ability to anticipate what is next. His contributions to DDB Worldwide were instrumental at a crucial time for the business. His presence was always felt, and unfortunately his absence, now even more!"
Luis M. Messianu
President, Chief Creative Officer, Alma DDB
“Jeff is highly articulate, creative, responsive, and the consummate professional. His integrity and interpersonal skills are outstanding, and he serves as a role model to others. Jeff is a clear leader, and Swystun Communications can grow an organization while exceeding expectations. An incredible asset.”
Johanne Ibsen
Enterprise Account Director, Cisco