Why Us

How do you choose a communications collaborator? You probably go through three phases. The first, a credibility and hygiene check. Years in business, on paper-pedigree, reputation. Then you go deeper. 

What makes you comfortable, so you introduce them into your organization? Previous clients, sure. Impressive work, absolutely. A point-of-view, we hope so. But how do you actually decide?

Let’s grab a couple of coffees and chat about fit, chemistry, promise and price.

Fit. Chemistry. Promise. Price.

Price is a consideration but needs context. We help you make new gains and that has big value. To deliver, it takes fit and chemistry.

We tap an on-demand system of talent from leading consultancies, agencies, media companies, and technology providers. What we offer is not a commodity. We meet the new demands of business communications.

Comfortable on the shop floor and in the boardroom, we are respectful of your people and culture. Flexible but never pliable, the goal is to move you forward. Oh, and one more thing. Clients call us the “consultant to consultants”. Though we take on challenges in most industries, our specialty is professional services.

A bit about Jeff.

Expertise in branding and marketing led to opening Swystun Communications in 2012. Prior, Jeff was Chief Communications Officer at DDB Worldwide, one of the largest and most awarded communications agencies. At Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy, Jeff was the first Chief Marketing Officer. He’s held leadership posts at Assante Asset Management, Pollard Banknote and Price Waterhouse.

A speaker and writer, Jeff’s appeared at over 100 conferences in over 25 countries. He’s editor of The Brand Glossary, The Brand Marketers Report, Best Global Brands, Best Canadian Brands, and Best Chinese Brands. When it comes to books, Jeff appears in Branding the Nation, Why Mexicans Don’t Drink Molson, The Copywriter’s Toolkit; and Brand from the Inside.

The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Strategy, Advertising Age, Fast Company, BusinessWeek, Forbes, BrandWeek, Marketing, and Rolling Stone quote Jeff. CNBC, USA Today, Toronto Star and BNN call him a branding guru. ABC, NBC, CNN, CTV, CBC and BBC television and radio have featured Jeff. His book, Why Marketing Works, won the Publish or Perish contest and debuted at #1 in Advertising on Amazon. Full CV: JS_CV2021

“Jeff produced the insights that shaped our agency’s positioning. He coaxes direct and honest feedback from people, ensuring authenticity and accuracy from the process. Even better, Jeff combines thoughtfulness and humor with strategic thinking.”
David Gong
Head of Marketing, PMG
“I met Jeff when he was tasked with revamping PwC's marketing. It has been great to see him apply his experience to business communications challenges with leading professional services firms. He is a gifted writer and an engaging speaker, well versed in the opportunities communications provides to business.”
Peter Horowitz
Managing Director, Global Public Relations, PricewaterhouseCoopers
“Jeff is a pleasure to collaborate with. He’s one of those “whole new mind” left brain and right brain thinkers. Extremely strategic and an idea machine. He’s a YES! it can be done person.”
Howard Belk
Co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Creative Officer, Siegel+Gale