The Big Thesis

Business communications are tired. Fad chasing, tactics over strategy, and tech over-reliance have gutted a craft that once married art and science. Companies blast out more through more channels. Everyone is jabbering, few are listening. 

In this environment, storytelling is a potent differentiator. 

Let’s explore a hiking and climbing metaphor. You want to travel well and reach the top. There are many ways to do it and trails to take, so why stumble and potentially fall when you can be guided?  We navigate based on deep experience. Years of smart, sharp work has produced our six-point thesis.

Too Many Assumptions

Businesses have forgotten that consumers are people. This wrings the humanity out of communications. Instead of meeting anyone’s wants and needs, communications are laced with assumptions. They appear not relevant and uncaring. The result is generic, white noise.

Once you position your business within a category, you’ve lost the trail. Defining yourself in another’s construct is comfortable but constraining. Conventions are recognizable but forgettable. By defining your own category, you stand out.

Constrained By Convention

Struggling for Table Stakes

Companies spend too much time and money on table stakes. They agonize over the wrong things, positioning against the competition in an apples-to-apples comparison. The best possible outcome is parity and episodic, tactical gains.

Brands love to broadcast. They talk about conversation but fear losing control. We uncover honest insights to build deep connections. 

Heard and Understood

Entertain and Inform

Helping people make better decisions was marketing’s original purpose. It has lost its way. Content is now overwhelming, disingenuous and misleading. Narratives that give people the information they need, wrapped within an entertaining story they want, makes the difference.

Communication is not a department. To have impact means sharing and socializing a new way across your organizations. It is time to break out of narrow, campaign-mindsets. Storytelling must be at the heart of your culture and core to the brand.

Inside-Out and Outside-In

"Having worked with almost a dozen firms in the same space, Jeff was able to bring a fresh perspective and balance a variety of voices, without compromising or watering down. He truly listened, understood, created, and then delivered. I look forward to working with Swystun Communications anytime. It was a pleasure."
Samir Asusa
SVP & CFO, Mortgage Professionals Canada
“Smart, driven, strategic and very funny, Jeff views business from 30,000 feet but can activate critical change throughout an organization. He mobilizes groups large and small on a global basis while staying true to central goals. His love of learning and information-sharing is inspiring. Everyone is better for having worked with Mr. Swystun.”
Amy Hoffar Cheronis
EVP, Reputation & Communications, Leo Burnett
“We had the opportunity to work with Jeff and his team on the Rays re-branding. He is a rare combination of expertise in corporate branding and creative development. Jeff has vision. He demonstrated incredible ability to internalize what we were looking to accomplish and verbalize creative directions based on examples in pop culture and society. He is an outstanding communicator and very fun and engaging personality.”
Darcy Raymond
VP, Branding & Fan Experience, Tampa Bay Rays