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“We worked together for over ten years at Interbrand and DDB. Jeff’s contributions to our brand and marketing positioned those businesses above and ahead of the competition. A gifted speaker, he knows how to rally the troops and inspire fresh thinking. Jeff loves to solve problems, possesses great energy, and is a prolific writer. He also thinks he is funny and occasionally…he is.”
Chuck Brymer
Chairman, DDB Worldwide
"Jeff is a storehouse of invaluable marketing information. His skillful storytelling captures attention and the foundation he builds upon is pure strategy and data. Artfully strategic, delivered effortlessly and seamlessly!"
Pino Di Ioia
CEO, Beavertails Pastry and Moozoo Creamery
"Of the many things I admire about Jeff, top-of-mind is his energy, wit and enthusiasm. He is sharp, focused and savvy. I enjoy vigorous dialogue with him on many levels. A true information junkie and provocative presenter, Jeff stimulates and invigorates his audiences, as I witnessed at DesignThinkers and other conferences. Whenever I need a sharp, analytical and balanced perspective, I call on Jeff for wisdom and guidance."
Carolyn Ray
CEO, JourneyWomen