Coming February 1, 2019

Jeff’s manuscript won Brigantine Media’s Publish or Perish contest. Submissions were judged on the strength of the content and the book’s marketing plan.

Brigantine Media specializes in business and education books written by experts and experienced practitioners. They focus on publishing books with the best ideas that work in the real world.

Why Marketing Works provides 7 proven principles that build brands and businesses.

You may not know that marketing, just like markets, has existed since mankind’s earliest time. It has been there to help sell products and services using every kind of communication from hieroglyphics to the town crier to radio, television, and Facebook. When you look, you’ll find an amazing consistency, sophistication, and continuity in the practice of marketing throughout history. I’ve examined marketing throughout the ages and have boiled it down to the seven key principles:

1. Offer relevant solutions. 2. Tell stories. 3. Leverage emotion. 4. Build relationships.
5. Deliver experiences. 6. Demonstrate authenticity. 7. Create community.

Marketing works best when it employs these seven time-tested principles. Each has to be in place and work in concert with the other. Throughout history, the most successful brands consistently used these principles to stand out and to sell more, efficiently and effectively.

Positioning your offer as a solution, telling a compelling story, leveraging the right emotion, building rewarding relationships, creating communities of action, delivering amazing experiences, and doing it all authentically—this is the time-tested agenda for all organizations.

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