What’s New in Storytelling

“Humans are pattern-seeking story-telling animals, and we are quite adept at telling stories about patterns, whether they exist or not.” So says Michael Shermer. Storytelling in marketing is constantly debated. Yet, the fact remains a banner ad, a 30-second television ad, a poster all tell stories. If they don’t the consumer makes up their own.

Here is a roundup of current thinking on the art and science of storytelling…

How Barbie is evolving its storytelling for the digital age

The Drum covers interviews Mattel’s chief content officer Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, to find out how the toymaker is evolving its approach to storytelling. We are living in a Barbie world.

How Equinox, Coca-Cola, American Express and Marcus use data for storytelling

This is topic worthy of further examination. Stories are only going to get more dynamic. Static tales may become a thing of the past. Brands need to recognize that.

Storytelling vs. “storytelling

This piece aptly points out that storytelling is used to sell in advertising. It is an art form but a commercial one.

Tell Me A Story: Narrative Rules For Leadership Through Storytelling

“You have to know how to find the story, how to find the moral and have a message. And it cannot be snarky.” More tidbits of value are in this piece.

How an Indie Horror Flick Influenced SAP’s Brand Storytelling

It’s a constant tension in content marketing. On the one hand, you need to provide value to readers, and branded content should be as useful and entertaining as good editorial.

Metaphors and storytelling are for adults as well as children

Metaphor, analogy and storytelling are, for adults as well as for children, one of the prime ways in which we make sense of the world. They are templates into which we fit real-world experience; through which we interpret and predict.

Storytelling for action: Why brands need to tell a complete story

Are you putting meaning into the stories you tell? Peter Minnium explains why ads that capture the movement of a fully developed story are the ones that will compel the consumer to buy.

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