What is a Group of Authors Called?

You have heard of a murder of crows and a pod of dolphins. Not to mention, a parade of elephants and barrel of monkeys. How about a warren of rabbits? Those are a bit obvious. Digging deeper, it is fascinating to see, how other wildlife groups are identified. Most are quite fitting. Let’s check them out before describing a group of authors.

Look out for that Cauldron of bats and Army of caterpillars. Don’t get run over by a Caravan of camels or fall prey to a Coalition of cheetahs. It is tough to join a Convocation of eagles or partner with a Business of ferrets. I’m too short for a Tower of giraffes and intimidated by the Flamboyance of flamingoes.

Time to run if you hear a Thunder of hippopotamuses or are threatened by a Mob of kangaroos. It is a Conspiracy of lemurs that led to a Prickle of porcupines and the Unkindness of ravens. All true!

Oh, and then there is Wisdom of wombats. No joke, it seems those critters get smarter in large numbers. When it comes to authors, hats off to tripfiction.com for soliciting submissions to name a group of authors. These are great…

PEN of authors

CHAPTER of authors

LIBRARY of authors

QUILL of authors


STORY of authors

REAM of authors

BLOG of authors

DRAFT of authors

SCRIBBLE of authors

VOLUME of authors

EPIC of authors

DASH of authors

ANTHOLOGY of authors

SCRIBE of writers

QWERTY of authors

PLOT of authors

SHELF of authors

My favourites are Plot, Epic, and Dash. It sure beats a Bastard or Rubbish of authors. Not to mention a Dense or Arrogance. A Run-on or Verbose of authors would not be good. How about an Edit of authors or Reject of authors? No, Epic it is!

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