TV Spots that are Spot-On

Where are those loud pundits in the ad industry who forecasted the death of the 30 second television ad? Here we are and video in all forms is stronger than ever. Check out five notable recent ads of varying length and why we like them.

Costa Rica: PSA

Sometimes what you think is happening is not. This ad reminds us of a fact and balances the direction of our compassion. The dog is a great actor as well.

Notes: Take Note

This kind of thing has been done before (what hasn’t?), however, the execution is engaging. It also gets a bit uncomfortable. Not all is peaches and cream in life. Even with communications there is miscommunication and that is why this will stay with you for some time.

The Heist: Adobe

The pacing runs from heart pounding fast to thoughtful, mirroring the content. What truly rocks is the message that technology cannot only improve a customer experience but a customer’s life.

Bud Light: Complex

Crisp, clear imagery is intended to represent the taste of the brand. A polite stab at competitors and at drinks that are too fancy is fun stuff. A simple voice-over with a succinct message is smoooooth.

Samsung: Ostrich

You will say, “How did they do it?” Once past that you will enjoy the music pairing with an Elton John classic and the humorous but touching storytelling. Lastly, wait for the few on-screen words that appear at the end…smart stuff.

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