Too Cool? Men’s Fashion Brand Naming

A fun day in my life was when I happened across the brand Scotch and Soda. Originally launched in the 80’s, the brand was revamped in 2001. My affection was, and is, for the name. If I had the gumption to start a clothing brand then “scotch and soda” would be a gutsy moniker I would be proud of.

Recently, I was surfing and shopping. You know, that time wasting trend of attempting to satisfy more complex needs through hollow and vacuous retail therapy. The activity turned out to be more rewarding and fulfilling than expected because of the men’s wear brand names I happened across.

Still, none of them made me buy more or switch my favourites. They did, however, catch my attention. Consider the first up: A Fish Named Fred. That name conjured a tinge of nostalgia for the John Cleese and Jamie-Lee Curtis movie. Overall, it was a foreshadowing of the extreme irreverence that these brands draw upon and strive for.

Then came ArboristBespoken and Cheap Monday. A tree trimmer, elite, and price sensitive offer all install different meanings. Next consider the brands called EmbellishFilling Pieces, and Fish N Chips. They sound like Michael Chabon or Irvine Welsh novels.

There is something uniquely and commercially-inspired in the name, Held in Common. It suggests a brand of brotherhood all bound in buying the brand. Hip and Bone along with the apparel company Junk Food offer an interesting juxtaposition that neither could have anticipated when selecting their legal and market-facing names.

It is awesome that King Baby StudioMoose KnucklesMostly Heard Rarely SeenObey, along with Only and Sons all proclaimed such stark difference. Still one does not know if they make underwear, shoes, hoodies or tie-clips.

It could be cool to wear an Opening Ceremony stripe merino polo to the opening of anything. Or rock a pair of jogger pants from Publish Brand…you cannot help but think they were contemplating easy Google hits with such a name.

Let’s wind this blog up by recognizing TrespassUgly Me Brand, and Wood Wood. Super names. Fun and memorable. I hope they all become iconic.

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