Noel Coward said, I love criticism just so long as it’s unqualified praise.

“Jeff is an incredibly talented communications expert. I really enjoyed working with him because of his 03professional approach, his visionary insights and his great presentation skills!” Jean Luc Devisscher, Head of Public Relations & Marketing Communications, Nokia Siemens Networks

“A consummate branding consultant, Jeff gave us amazing strategic and creative options but was always firm on direction and goals. It was a fun, full-on process that sets us up for ongoing success. We now have a bolder brand better aligned to The Institute’s business goals and are on our way to becoming a more recognized and respected voice in workplace productivity, innovation and performance.” Rob Pearson, CEO, The Institute for Performance and Learning

“Jeff was instrumental in helping us get valuable insights from both internal and external audiences that shaped our agency’s positioning. He coaxes direct and honest feedback from people across levels, ensuring authenticity and accuracy from the process. Even better, Jeff combines thoughtfulness and humor with strategic thinking.” David Gong, Head of Marketing, PMG

“Rarely have we worked with a person with such a broad understanding of brand and the skills to articulate his thoughts so cogently. Jeff is not only able to help define the nature of the problem and the solution but has a unique knack of providing the context of what else is going on in the world of branding to make his suggested path forward make sense.” Gordon McMillan, President and Chief Creative Officer,  McMillan

“Jeff has remarkable vision and perspective on the practice of consumer marketing and I’ve benefited greatly 0001095_sony_300from his branding and business development acumen.” Richard Nash, Digital Media Leader, Sony DADC

“Jeff is a highly intelligent, energetic, focused and sometimes even humorous communications professional and branding expert. We were really lucky to have Jeff at DDB. He pulled our internal and external communications from the Dark Ages into the 21st Century. He is a neverending source of fresh, new ideas and has the charisma and skills to make sure those ideas get implemented. He is also an outstanding speaker and writer. Everyone at DDB, including me, learned so much from Jeff when he was with us. And…he made us laugh.” Bob Scarpelli, Former Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide

“Jeff is a natural communicator. In his role for Interbrand he helped us to lay the ground work for long-term success in building our brand, and managed to do that within the complex environment of a global business – one full of people who all build brands for a living! One gift of note, is his instinctive understanding of his interbrand_logoaudience and how to position the message for maximum effect, as a result, he is a natural in front of a camera.” Jez Frampton, Global CEO, Interbrand

“Jeff is the kind of pro who knows how to add value. He’s always on top of trends and he has the ability to anticipate them. His contributions were instrumental at a crucial time for the DDB network. His presence was always felt, and unfortunately his absence, now even more!” Luis M. Messianu, President, Chief Creative Officer, Alma

“Jeff is highly articulate, creative, responsive, and the consummate professional. His integrity and interpersonal skills are outstanding, ciscoand he serves as a role model to others. Jeff is a clear leader, and can grow an organization while exceeding expectations. He is an incredible asset.” Johanne Ibsen, Enterprise Account Director, Cisco

“Jeff is smart, driven, strategic and very funny. He sees business from 30,000 feet but is also very much a team player and strong contributor, in a variety of places across an organization. He knows how to mobilize groups large and small on a global basis while staying true and consistent to the central goals set forth. I found his love of learning and information-sharing contagious and inspiring. Everyone is better for having worked with Mr. Swystun.” Amy Hoffar Cheronis, EVP, Reputation & Communications, Leo Burnett

“Jeff is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of branding. He is such a pleasure to work with, as he is able to break down the rebrand steps into bite-sized pieces – making such a huge endeavour very manageable. Jeff has a terrific personality and witty sense of humour, which also makes working with him that much more enjoyable. He definitely knows what he’s doing! Thanks to Jeff, we were able to activate our rebrand and get mpc_elogo1_1460965081-300x300buy-in from key stakeholders, which is not always easy to do because it’s a natural instinct to resist change.” Cindy Freiman, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mortgage Professionals Canada

“Jeff’s energy is impossible to ignore and he provided clear direction on the projects we collaborated on, but also inspired me to think independently about what was possible. His ability to be a catalyst for others is one of his greatest traits. Indeed, he is a catalyst for individuals and organizations alike.” Erin O’Keefe, Head of Global Brand Management, KPMG

“Jeff is a solid leader, superb consultant and, by nature, a positive person. His sharp wit and insights help make for a strong project environment eases the tension found in challenging projects. Always attentive to his clients needs, he pushes back when required and constantly strives to deliver above expectations. Being a likable and down-to-earth person makes Jeff someone you want to have on your side.” Paul Steep, Media and Software Analyst, Scotia Capital

tribal-logo“It is a challenge to be in charge of communications at an agency made up of over 10,000 communicators but Jeff did this strategically, creatively and with humor. He has the expertise and passion for all things branding and marketing and it shows. Jeff loves to have fun at what he does and that comes through in how he works with people and the results he achieves.” Paul Gunning, Chief Executive Officer, Tribal DDB

“Jeff is an original strategic marketing thinker who speaks and writes to engage and move readers and audiences. His presentations have always left students fascinated by the world of brand building. Jeff is as comfortable managing a brand campaign as discoursing on the history of brand building. His knowledge of the practice of marketing combined with its history carries sharp lessons for today’s practitioners. I turn to him for insights that incite.” Niraj Dawar, Professor, Ivey Business School

Unknown“Jeff is a pleasure to collaborate with. He’s one of those “whole new mind” left brain + right brain guys. Very strategic, and an idea machine. He’s a YES it can be done person.” Howard Belk, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Creative Officer, Siegel+Gale

“Jeff is the ‘go-to’ guy. Go to Jeff with a problem and he takes it on, takes care of it and takes it away. What I loved about working with Jeff was his appetite for learning and his willingness to absorb information, ideas and business insights. Jeff makes a great business partner and he makes things happen.” Noel Penrose, Chairman, Juniper2

“Jeff puts his extensive experience in professional services consulting to use in helping position the company as unique and different from other global advertising agencies. Jeff brings high energy and enthusiasm to every project he touches. He knows how to motivate audiences and possesses a wide range of skills to do so. Plus, he’s a great guy who’s always good for a laugh which, in our business, can certainly come in handy at times!” Gill Duff, Former President & Chief Executive Officer, BBDO Atlanta

“Jeff is a consummate marketing executive adept at both strategy and execution. If you need solutions that are intelligent, thorough and timely, he will deliver them with energy, insight and a healthy dose of irreverence.” Bev Tudhope, Chief Executive Officer, Quaternion

client-mindshare“Jeff consistently delivers great results, yet your top of mind thought may relate to his friendly, collaborative style. He is a prolific writer and reader and a great source for the latest pulse in marketing and branding.” Jeff Parkhurst, Managing Director, Mindshare

“Jeff is one of the clearest thinkers that there is on professional businesses. We have exchanged views many times, both on projects and in “off-line” discussions, and he never fails to come up with penetrating insights. A real thought leader and a practical businessperson.” David Maister, Consultant, Harvard Professor, Author of Managing the Professional Service Firm

“Jeff is a high-energy executive who brings excitement and interest to all that he does. He truly moved our brand out to clients in new and meaningful ways while helping our internal teams grow at the same time. Jeff knows how to use his intelligence to make working with him fun. He always keeps the mission of the firm as his overriding goal…in all that he does.” Greg Silverman, Chief Executive Officer, Concentric

“Jeff immediately came to mind when thinking about who could provide a fresh perspective in strategic marketing. He did a fabulous job. His energy, knowledge and skill enabled him to quickly comprehend our unique situation and deliver a most insightful and useful set of ideas and tools. His deliverables were most beneficial and helped us re-focus to drive real value.” Greg Roberts, Director, CMCC

“Jeff worked for me for over ten years at Interbrand and DDB. His contributions to our brand and marketing strategies were innovative and helped move the business in the right direction. A gifted speaker, he also client_logos25knows how to rally the troops and inspire fresh thinking. Jeff loves to solve problems, possesses great energy, and is a prolific writer. He also thinks he is funny and once in awhile…he is.” Chuck Brymer, President & Chief Executive Officer, DDB Worldwide

“Of the many things I admire about Jeff, one that is top of mind is his energy, wit and enthusiasm. He is sharp, focused and savvy. I always enjoyed vigorous dialogue with him on many levels. A true information junkie and provocative presenter, Jeff always stimulated and invigorated his audiences. Whenever I need a sharp, analytical and balanced perspective, I call on Jeff for his sage wisdom and guidance.” Carolyn Ray, Managing Director, Interbrand Canada

“Jeff gets stuff done! He is thoughtful and is uniquely able to translate his thoughts to highly impactful, readable and beautiful written material. He was largely responsible for the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report, The Brand Glossary and The Nature of Marketing. If you need a go to person, go to Jeff.” Gary Singer, Chief Marketing Officer & Partner, A.T. Kearney

“Jeff is an incredibly smart advertising and marketing practitioner that gets it! In the new world of marketing he is one source I can truly trust and count on to shoot straight. His energy and enthusiasm are extremely quantumdigitalcontagious.” Eric Cosway, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, QuantumDigital

“It’s difficult to write a recommendation for Jeff, because any accomplishments and accolades — of which he has many — fail to capture what a dynamic, insightful leader the man is. Having worked with Jeff for a number of years, I was always impressed not only by his outstanding communications skills, but by his consummate understanding of the marketing industry — not only in generalities but in meaningful specifics. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with and learn from Jeff is lucky indeed.” Jason Baer, Director, Group Director, Siegel+Gale

Tampa-Bay-Rays-Logo-150x150“We had the opportunity to work with Jeff and his team on the Rays re-branding project. Jeff is a rare combination of expertise in corporate branding and creative development. Jeff has vision. He demonstrated incredible ability to internalize what we were looking to accomplish and verbalize creative directions based on examples in pop culture and society. He is an outstanding communicator and very fun and engaging personality.” Darcy Ramond, Vice President, Branding & Fan Experience, Tampa Bay Rays

“I loved working with Jeff. He brought energy, clarity and humour to the complicated world of positioning an ever changing advertising network of over 10,000 people. He was a brilliant partner in crime, shaping DDB’s global positioning and communications. We worked together on a global management conference which was rated as the best DDB had ever held. That’s testament to his skills. I miss him in my new role and highly recommend his work!” Lucy Jameson, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey

pwc111-150x150“I first met Jeff when he was tasked with revamping Price Waterhouse’s marketing in the United States. We have stayed in touch through the years and it has been great to see him apply his experience to business communications challenges with leading professional services firms. He is a gifted writer and an engaging speaker well versed in the opportunities communications provides to business.” Peter Horowitz, Managing Director, Global Public Relations, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Jeff has gone out of his way to present engaging, educational, awe-inspiring sessions for our advertising and marketing communications students. He has spoken on campus a few times and has twice hosted us in New York. Every time he interacts with students, Jeff is inspiring and motivating. I can’t thank Jeff enough for all he does to encourage young hopefuls to pursue a successful career in advertising.” Jayne Van Dusen, Coordinator, Advertising Program, Algonquin College

“Jeff was an incredible mentor for me at Interbrand, and he continues to be a great adviser for my career. His understanding of brand communications, thoughtfulness in giving counsel, and easy-going nature make Jeff a standout person in our field.” Lisa Marsala Kline, Chief Marketing Officer, Wolff Olins

“Jeff was always a pleasure to work with and had an incredible amount of enthusiasm for any new initiative he took on, whether big or small. He has the incredible combination of talent of being creative, hardworking and intelligent and yet was also able to inject humour and fun into everything he worked on. It was a great dal_logo_print-300x98experience to work with Jeff!” Jennifer St. Laurent, Office of Special Projects, Assante Asset Management

“By using his strong facilitation skills with a diverse group of my colleagues and guiding us through a creative process, Jeff’s expertise resulted in a brand positioning that is clear and enticing. In addition to this, his entertaining sessions branding were delivered to packed classrooms of business students and faculty. We look forward to his next visit!” JoAnne Akerboom, Executive Director, Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University

“I worked with Jeff at a Futurist event and he gave a powerful presentation. He’s a very good presenter, clued-in, really knows the web, media and marketing yet is open to new ideas. Lucky you if you can work with him.” Gerd Leonhard, Chief Executive Officer,

“Jeff was the ultimate communications professional, he aligned and managed a global group of sales, marketing and communications peers throughout our network of locations. He maintained a monthly process to ensure consistency and cohesiveness of varied activities while possessing a sense of humor and decorum.” Tim Murphy, Director Marketing Solutions, Standard Register

“Jeff is a highly engaging and talented communications professional. He has grace under pressure, is always 35618987n05_rentertaining, and gives new meaning to “thinking fast on his feet.” Jeff combines Canadian niceness with New Yorker irony and plain old smartness to yield great, practical solutions to communications issues.” Lisa Ponte Fazio, Senior Vice President, Market Research, iCrossing

“Our speakers really help shape the delegate experience and Jeff’s keynote stood out not only for the delegates but also for the corporate partners, particularly representatives from P&G, who found a tremendous amount of value from your words. Thank you for impacting the next generation of marketing leaders.” Shweta Choudhury, Speakers Coordinator, Queen’s University