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Enjoy this round up for recent and relevant storytelling articles. Some are geared to the practice of writing but you will find they can be applied in a commercial context to help drive your brand, marketing and advertising.

Inciting Moments (find it here)

From the Writers Write blog comes this education on two types of inciting moments that drive interest and the story. At its root is how a problem is solved so this construct can be applied to a brand beautifully and creatively.

Storytelling Is Not a Strategy (find it here)

Kelly Wenzel, Chief Marketing Officer at Contently, chooses a provocative title for this piece but the content is less contentious. It deals with content marketing. A term I have always disliked…has there ever been non-content marketing? Those who choose to identify themselves as content marketers seem to believe the goal is producing and pumping out more and more stuff. Wenzel gets teasingly close to what should be happening – a solid theme that motivates the audience and supporting communications that keep it fresh.

Moving from Storytelling to Story Living (find it here)

This is sponsored content or, call it like it is, a long ad for an advertising agency. Still, it has some value specifically when it comes to audience participation not solely engagement.

Is Technology Transforming the Art Form of Storytelling? (find it here)

The case is made here that technology does supplant traditional storytelling but it does augment it. So how is are always on, always connected world of technology changing how we spin a yarn?

How Stories can Change the World for the Better (find it here)

Derek Thompson of The Atlantic is one of my favourite writers. His recent book, Hit Makers, looks at how stories help us understand and even change the way we see the world. I must admit I have not yet read it but this PBS interview with Thompson convinced me to do so.

The Best Marketers Read Minds: How to hear the unspoken stories your customers tell themselves (find it here)

Margo Aaron provides some great bon mots in this piece. It focuses on customer hot buttons and beliefs. Consider this, “The best marketers know that the only thing that matters is what your customer believes. The stories she believes about herself and about the world determine her behaviour.” And, “When we say “story” today, we mean the things you tell yourself in the confines of your own mind.”

Virgin’s Collection of Storytelling Insights (find it here)

Lastly, you should check out this treasure trove. Richard Branson is a big believer in the power of stories. For him, they spark new ideas (products and services) and build the brand overall. During the month of March, Virgin has been sharing insights on the power of storytelling as a leadership tool to build brands, motivate employees and inspire customers.




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