RGD | The Hub of Design, Zoom Series

During the Covid Crisis, Jeff was asked to host virtual cocktails and lead a discussion on the changes agencies need to make.

Institute of Communication Agencies, Zoom Series

Jeff presented on Returning to the Fundamentals. During quarantine, agencies were looking for answers and ideas. There was comfort in the content as all in the audience were sharing the same experiences.

The Canadian Marketing Association National Convention, Toronto, Canada

Jeff keynoted the event with Speed Kills: The Competitive Advantage of Critical Thinking. It covered the risks and trade-offs of decision-making in an ever-accelerating world. The CMA tweeted, “The feedback on your chat has been as positive as positive can be!”

Thought Leadership Program Development, San Francisco, USA

This three day program hosted seven technology companies. It provided insights on how to structure, support and maintain thought leadership programs that drive awareness and sales.

201 Talks Series, Winnipeg, Canada

Back in his hometown, Jeff spoke to a receptive crowd. The topic was the book, Why Marketing Works. He covered the seven principles and brought them to life with entertaining cases and examples. It was fun to catch up with many and to share why marketing works.

Conference Keynote, QMAC, Kingston, Canada

Jeff keynoted the Procter & Gamble dinner speaking on “A New Consumer Optimism”. Fellow keynotes represented Walt Disney, Diageo and Nestle. The organizers shared, “Your keynote not only resonated with our delegates but also with our corporate partners who found a tremendous amount of value from your words.”

The Council for Corporate Communications, Seattle, USA

PR, IR, CSR, Crisis Communications and more all impact brand reputation. Jeff spoke on the organizational design of communications within public companies and the organizers said, “You scored the highest on speaker evaluations and the feedback has been amazing!”

Institute of Communications Agencies, Toronto, Canada

Jeff presented the findings of a report on small agency differentiation. Organizers shared, “The content not only helped attending agencies, you have given them a renewed sense of pride in what they do.”

American Marketing Association, New York, USA

The topic was marketing organizations. The format was a combination presentation and workshop that had attendees rethinking their own structure for marketing. One attendee said, “I took your presentation and gave it to my CMO so we could implement the ideas immediately.”

Response Marketing Association, Toronto, Canada

Over a delicious lunch at The Spoke Club, Jeff took members through the book, Why Marketing Works, as part of the Think & Disrupt series. Great questions were posed throughout. The audience was highly entertained by the stories from marketing’s past and present. They especially enjoyed the first principle, position everything as a solution.

Retail Strategy Forum, Chicago, USA

We facilitated creative breakout sessions at this innovative conference. Over one hundred attendees were led through a practical case study culminating in three of the groups presenting their results to the entire conference. The organizers said, “That was the most fun and valuable exercise we have ever gone through.”

tsinghua_international_design_management_symposium_2103_keynotes_monash_universityThe Design Management Symposium, Shenzhen, China

This keynote argued the most effective design makes a single customer feel like the product or service was designed for them alone. Jeff presented to an audience of marketers, designers and academics. The organizers said, “The examples and practical applications excited everyone in the amphitheater.”

MobileSquared Roadshow, New York City, USA

Mobile only gets bigger. Jeff keynoted at a gathering of leading agencies and brands. Three cases were showcased to make the content relevant. Organizers shared, “Without a doubt one of the most entertaining presentations we have seen.”

The Ivey School of Business, Toronto, Canada

Every semester Jeff guest lectures to the Executive MBA classes. It covers cool campaigns and the latest trends in branding, marketing and advertising. It must be solid content as they keep inviting him back. One attendee said, “You are the best presenter we have had in the program.”

Jeff-Speaking-300x200The Best Loved Brands, Riga, Latvia

At the unveiling of this brand ranking, Jeff provided a keynote on global branding, regional customization and consumer trends. Organizers shared, “Your knowledge of branding was inspiring to all.”

In/Out Society of Graphic Designers, Winnipeg, Canada

Jeff was invited back to his hometown to speak at this creative gathering. The talk on design effectiveness detailed an approach to designing for a superior return on investment. Organizers shared, “You made our membership feel relevant, special and valued!”

The Brand Establishment, Chicago, USA

Jeff spoke to this unique organization that acts both as brand practitioner accreditation program and connected brand consulting firm. He covered two topics: The Ideal Brand Professional and Why Branding Needs Rebranding. One attendee shared, “I am going to apply everything I heard. It was smart and it was inspirational.”

Branding in Financial Services, Beirut, Lebanon

412_12883-300x200Attendees from all over the Middle East and Europe focused on the needs and wants of corporate and personal banking clients. The event was incredible both for commonality in issue and creativity in response to financial services branding. Jeff’s day one keynote turned into a three day master of ceremonies role (and he loved it).

Accelerate, Ottawa, Canada

This progressive series of conferences caters to start-ups. Jeff keynoted by stressing the need to brand these young businesses not only to gain customers but to attract investors and invite media attention. Organizers shared, “The humour and content blended into an energetic and special experience.”

MI6 Gaming Conference, San Francisco, USA

Consumer trends and demographics punctuated this keynote at the leading gaming conference. Jeff showed how the social graph and tribes are nothing new but how to authentically relate to them is critical. The conference chair summed it up, “We should have had Jeff go last. I don’t know how we are going to top that!”