Swystun Communications is currently serving as C.M.O. for The Syntegrity Group. The role includes leading a corporate rebranding and building an in-house marketing organization to propel growth. This unique professional services firm counts Pfizer, Campbell’s Soup, Avaya, Abbott, Unbridle, ING, Georgia-Pacific, Novartis, USAA, MasterCard, Toyota, FedEx, IBM and others among their clients.

Since its inception in 2002, Syntegrity has become the global leader in Business Orchestration Solutions. Leaders of Fortune 500 companies—banks, insurance, healthcare, energy, technology, automotive, pharmaceutical, and real estate organizations, as well as national governments and NGOs—use Syntegrity’s unique platform, which combines scientific methodologies and proprietary technologies, to quickly solve their most complex challenges and clear the way for execution.

The ability to quickly solve complex challenges and galvanize people lies in Syntegrity’s business orchestration platform, Syntegration®, the science-based algorithm for mobilizing large groups, deepening relationships, and rapidly solving complex challenges. Its combination of highly skilled people and breakthrough IP that is deeply rooted in neurology, cybernetics and advanced mathematical models—all supported by sophisticated algorithms and software—makes it an increasingly preferred alternative to conventional approaches.

Referred to as Talent-at-Scale, Syntegration remains the most effective way for large organizations to quickly streamline large group interaction to achieve major insights, alignment and solutions in compressed timeframes.

Headquartered in Toronto, Syntegrity operates as a separate subsidiary of RTI International. RTI is one of the world’s leading research institutes and is dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice.