Maritz Loyalty Marketing has a rich heritage going back generations. It is the company that came up with the idea of employees receiving a gold watch for years of loyal service. Over the decades it had grown to be a respected loyalty marketing services company.


Complex sales, increasing competition and growing interest in the retention of customers prompted the need to rebrand. Other drivers included the company being a best kept secret and not be recognized for its unique view of loyalty. This left the question of how to stand out in a cluttered industry with many players claiming loyalty expertise.


We rebranded Maritz as Bond appending Brand Loyalty to reflect the company’s strategic services. A fresh look, exciting brand story and a go-to-market strategy completed the engagement. The launch surprised and delighted employees and attracted great media attention. Inbound client inquires jumped proving the new brand was incredibly compelling. Visit the site representing the smartest and nicest people working in brand loyalty.