Paying Homage to Brands…Irreverently

Since I have been in branding and that is not a short time, strategists and creatives have had fun with brands and the notion of branding. When not using branding to advance businesses, these folks find ways to mash things up or pay homage to the power of a brand … often with bizarre mixes of satire, irony and irreverent reverence. Consider the following ten creative takes:

Vino Logos

Thomas Ollivier actually did 99 of these. Brands as wine is a fine idea but the Tabasco variety would take some getting used to. We wonder what how the Uber wine would be described.



Well Heeled
After his Pepsi-Mondrian can, Italian designer Andrea Salamino explored the idea if brands were sneakers what would they look like? Works for us.


Back in the USSR

Say goodbye Capitalists. We have taken your brands in the name of Mother Russia. Now join the long lines to never get one.

Cause and Effect

Italian designer Marco Schembri shows us what happens if you are too brand loyal. Imagine consuming Nutella and Absolut at the same time and in copious quantities.

Telling the Truth

Graphic designer Viktor Hertz has gained traction and admirers for calling out brands. In these logos there is truth.



Swish and Swirl

Manuel Mittelpunkt and Matthias Grund create logo shapes out of wood with a laser cutter and attach a multifunction tool allowing them to spin the logos and apply paint.

If This Was That

Graphic designer Reilly studies luxury brands logos and their influence on society. In this work he questions our relationship with visual brand contents. For me I just love seeing Marc Jacobs as Pizza Hut.

My Brand of Hero

Swiss illustrator Dexter Maurer draws on the DC and Marvel universes to create toy warriors. As Fubiz Media says, “An ironical and funny project that makes fun of these pop culture icons.”

Flowery Brand Power

James Merry creates embroideries on famous brands logos using flowers and natural elements. One of these brands should pick up do do a spring or summer line.



Brands as Bills

French graphic designer Jade Dalloul is has created currency for Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and McDonalds. How much is Gates to a Jobs?

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