Looking Back on Mad Men

Our paper originally appeared in The Agency Post, Marketing, and Sparksheet. It was also featured on Flipboard in Advertising.

As the last season winds down, Mad Men is being examined for its impact on television and its reflection of society both in the period it is set and our current day. We invite you to enjoy this work which is rife with observations, insights and images that will delight fans of the show, pop culturists, history buffs, along with all those who enjoy marketing and advertising.

Get it here … SC_LookingBackonMadMen


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  1. Sally Turnot
    Sally Turnot says:

    Jeff, I heard you speak in London years back and it was wonderful. I am so pleased that you are as sharp as ever. This is incredibly well written and will make me appreciate the show that much more.

  2. Alfredo Fernandez
    Alfredo Fernandez says:

    One of the best analysis on Mad Men I have seen and read. Matthew Weiner should send you a bottle of something!

  3. Turner Cass
    Turner Cass says:

    Thank you sir! An amazing series of observations and insights. An ultra rich look at what makes the show layered and unpredictable. Would love to grab a scotch with you and discuss. Hope to see you soon.


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