How to Differentiate Gum

Talk about a crowded category. It is tough to chew through all the options. How do you choose a gum brand? It is a rare product where price is not really a consideration. Let’s face it. Gum is a commodity. I would rather be a bottled water brand manager. When I walk up to the “wall of gum” in a convenience store I just grab what is convenient. Brand name, type of packaging, colours, logos, flavour, brand owner…none of it matters. But I do have a differentiating idea. Look for it after I prove my point of commoditization with these photos…

All of these attempt to be bright and bold to stand out at shelf. Yet when displayed together we know as consumers that the mix of them bring on dizziness. I advocate simple black text on white packaging. No brand names or designs. Just a benefit communicating what that variety takes care of. We chew gum for specific reasons and this is what should appear on the packaging…

– Coffee Breath

– Walk of Shame Breath

– Scotch at Work Breath

– Hot Sauce Breath

– Cigarette Breath

– Dry Keynote Speech Breath

– Failed Job Interview Breath

– Garlic Breath

– Cheating Breath

You get the idea. And if you like it please send my commission cheque.

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