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A Corporate Magazine and the Fate of Its Designer

Internal communications or propaganda, call it what you want, Pepsi-Cola World produced a notable publication. The monthly magazine was distributed to Pepsi-Cola bottling plants starting in the late 1950’s. It changed the way corporations communicated with employees to get them involved, invested and remain loyal. Yet, not all was what it seemed. Pepsi was very […]

The Only 2 Advertising Books Worth Reading

No preamble required… Where the Suckers Moon: The Life and Death of an Advertising Campaign by Randall RosenburgThis is almost a one-sitting read…but don’t rush it. The author puts you in every room of the ad agency and the car company client. It brilliantly covers Subaru’s problematic 1991-1993 effort to make hip its image by […]

Blast from the Past

This gem first appeared in the publication, In Publicity … in 1901! These are choice excerpts, for the full meal deal, here ya go. “The time is not far away when the advertising writer will find out the inestimable benefits of a knowledge of psychology. The preparation of copy has usually followed the instincts rather […]

The Branded Lunchbox

Mickey Mouse was the first popular character to appear on a lunchbox. That was 1935. As a highly personal statement and must-have accessory, the lunchbox really took off in the 1950’s. Television was a big reason for their mass adoption and accessory envy. Television made people and characters stars, it became natural for those celebrities […]

Is it a CMO You’re Looking For?

Is anyone else puzzled by searches for top marketing talent? I am often approached by brands and search professionals who excite me with amazing roles. From time to time, I have assisted in searches. This piece is not solely about lofty titles like CMO and CRO and CGO, it is more concerned with the fact […]

Say What? Origins of Popular Expressions

It is interesting to dig back and see when common expressions originated. Not only when, but to understand the underlying meaning. Sometimes, we apply them improperly. Here are bunch to set you straight and use in the right context. Oh, and you will learn what, “Nuke the Fridge”, means. The Acid Test: to prove something […]

Are You Not Educated and Entertained?

When it comes to information, there is too much skimming and surfing. Too many soundbites, so little substance. We have a duty and privilege to inform and educate ourselves. Thankfully, a few publications don’t shy away from high word counts and provide deep reporting backed by tremendous research and fine writing. What follows are some […]