Lofty Quotes Concerning Social Media

Forgive us for taking license with some of these as the person quoted was not necessarily talking about social media but you will get the intent. We encourage you to share these widely on social media and help distribute irony to all.

“Distracted from distraction by distraction.” T.S. Eliot

“You are what you share.” C.W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity

“There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Twitter is a great place to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think about it.” Chris Pirillo

“Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.” Clay Shirky

quote-Erik-Qualman-social-media-has-made-the-web-all-98234“Tempted to type meaningless twaddle all the time on Twitter…with alliteration, no less!” E.A. Bucchianeri

“More voices means less trust in any given voice.” Eli Pariser, The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You

“Followers, followers. Sometimes, with some things, it’s best to keep your tally down.” Donna Lynn Hope

“In an age of constant live connections, the central question of self-examination is drifting from ‘Who are you?’ towards ‘What are you doing?” Tom Chatfield, How to Thrive in the Digital Age

“Who would have thought that a means of communication limited to 140 characters would ever create misunderstanding.” Stephen Colbert

“What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish.” W. H. Auden